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iFixit Criticizes Apple’s Commitment to Right-to-Repair and Lowers Repairability Score for iPhone 14


iFixit, known for DIY repair expertise, has strongly criticized Apple for its proclaimed commitment to the right-to-repair movement. The organization has also revised the repairability score for the iPhone 14, originally impressed by its accessible hardware components but now rating it a “do-not-recommend” 4 out of 10.

According to iFixit, self-repair goes beyond having replacement parts; it involves software, and Apple’s code deliberately restricts repair options for most tasks. The company accuses Apple of creating a complex system that demands parts purchased directly from Apple and validates repairs through a proprietary chat system that collects personal information from customers. This approach discourages the use of third-party or used parts.

iFixit mentioned that it has received feedback from repair professionals who have left the business due to Apple’s hurdles. The company acknowledges Apple’s effort in offering replacement parts but argues that the complexity involved makes the iPhone 14 “literally not repairable.” iFixit has not yet issued repairability scores for the iPhone 15 models but expects to do so in the coming weeks.

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