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iRobot’s Latest Flagship Roombas Come with an Enhanced Operating System for Effortless Cleaning

iRobot, an Amazon company, has just introduced a pair of budget-friendly robotic vacuum cleaners designed for lighter cleaning tasks. However, the flagship J7+ model has been awaiting an update for quite some time. The wait is finally over as the company has opened preorders for the upcoming J9+ line of high-end vacuum cleaners, offering a range of impressive features for those who despise the manual effort of vacuuming or mopping.

The J9+ lineup comprises two versions, a standard vacuum-only J9+ and a versatile Roomba Combo J9+ that not only vacuums but also mops. The Roomba Combo J9+ comes with a redesigned fill dock that automates the emptying of debris and refilling the robot with mopping liquid, eliminating yet another manual cleaning chore, allowing you to focus on more important tasks, like catching up on your Netflix queue.

These robotic vacuum cleaners are more potent than ever, featuring an enhanced motor designed to tackle dirt, pet fur, and debris with unparalleled precision. The four-stage cleaning system provides multiple passes, and the newly added dual rubber brushes not only increase suction power but also allow for pressurized scrubbing when needed. The Combo J9+ includes a motor that automatically lifts the mop pads when vacuuming carpets and rugs to prevent moisture leakage.

While the hardware upgrades are certainly beneficial, it’s the software that introduces the majority of new features. These Roomba models come equipped with OS 7, which aims to elevate automation and efficiency to new heights. The software incorporates a feature called Dirt Detective, which utilizes a proprietary algorithm to track previous cleaning tasks and identify the dirtiest areas of your home, prioritizing cleaning accordingly. In essence, it starts with the dirtiest rooms and progresses from there.

The Combo J9+ takes it a step further, with Dirt Detective ensuring that the vacuum and mop clean the bathroom last, regardless of its level of dirtiness. This prevents the vacuum from spreading bathroom-related contaminants throughout the rest of your home. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, the app allows manual selection of the navigation route through your house.

Additional software enhancements include SmartScrub, a feature that ensures the Combo J9+ makes multiple passes through specific areas like the kitchen while mopping, increasing scrubbing power to remove dirt and stains. Conversely, it reduces scrubbing in cleaner areas to protect hardwood floors and similar surfaces.

The Roomba J9+ and Combo J9+ are available for preorder directly from iRobot today and from third-party retailers starting tomorrow, with shipments scheduled for the fall. The vacuum-only J9+ is priced at $900, while the Combo J9+ costs $1,400. OS 7 will also be extended to other Roomba models beyond the J9+, although specific models have not yet been announced by the company.

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