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Keep Your Secrets Safe Pixel’s Repair Mode Shields Data During Fixes


Google has introduced a new feature for Pixel devices aimed at safeguarding your data when your device is undergoing repairs. By activating this feature, users may prevent technicians from deleting and restoring data during the repair process, facilitating diagnostics without compromising data security. Google emphasizes that this mode can also protect data from potential unauthorized access.

This feature is accessible on Pixel devices running the latest Android 14 update and having a minimum of 2GB of available storage. To activate the feature, navigate to Settings > System > Repair mode and follow the provided prompts (use the same steps to deactivate the feature). While repair mode is designed to protect your data, Google recommends backing up your data before any repair service whenever possible.

Simultaneously, Google has introduced a new diagnostic app accessible through your Pixel device’s Phone app. This app is designed to provide users with a better understanding of any issues their devices may have before undergoing repairs and to verify proper functionality once the phone is returned. To initiate the diagnostics, enter #*#7287#*# in the keypad within the Phone app.

In addition to assisting professional repair shops with the necessary parts for Pixel devices, Google aims to simplify the process for individuals to address issues with their phones. The company initiated the provision of genuine Pixel parts and repair manuals in collaboration with iFixit last year (now also through Shyft Global Services). Information on ordering specific parts and accessing repair manuals can be found on the Google Help site. Currently, repair manuals from Google are available directly in English and French for select devices, with plans to expand to more devices and languages in the coming months.

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