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Level Up Your Apple Watch: Top Gadgets for 2024

While the Apple Watch stands out as a cutting-edge timepiece, it remains, at its core, a device that tells time. However, you can elevate your Apple Watch experience by personalizing it with accessories, transforming it into a reflection of your style. Similar to any Apple product, the official accessories are available, albeit at a premium. Fortunately, third-party companies have swiftly entered the scene, offering affordable alternatives from reputable brands like Anker, Spigen, Belkin, and more. Whether you prefer a minimalist approach or desire to customize your watch to align with your personality, there’s a diverse array of Apple Watch accessories available. From bands and cases to stands and portable chargers, these options empower you to make your Apple Watch truly your own.

Spigen Thin Fit case

While many of us prioritize protective cases for our smartphones, the idea of safeguarding our smartwatches might not be top of mind. Despite being securely strapped to our wrists, smartwatches can still encounter accidental bumps and knocks. Personally, I’ve had my fair share of unintentional collisions with door frames for my Apple Watch, prompting me to consider a protective case priced under $25 as a sensible investment to shield my $279-plus smartwatch.

These “cases” essentially function as bumpers that encircle the edges of the Apple Watch, with some extending protection to the screen. Opting for a bumper case allows me to separately apply a dedicated screen protector for the display. Spigen offers a reliable line of Apple Watch cases, available in two durability levels. The Rugged Armor series boasts a shock-absorbent layer and raised bezels, catering to those who prioritize protection over style. On the other hand, the Thin Fit series aligns more with my preference—it sits flush against the Watch’s display while still providing an extra layer of defense. Additionally, you can select a color that complements your Watch for a seamless blend. Two notable advantages of Spigen’s cases are their quick and easy snap-on installation and their affordability, typically priced around $14 each.

Zagg InvisibleShield screen protector

For those who prefer to avoid the additional bulk of a case but still want some level of protection, a screen protector is a practical choice to safeguard your watch without compromising its sleek design. Zagg’s InvisibleShield line stands out as a reliable option, offering features such as shatter protection, enhanced touch-sensitivity, and optical clarity.

When installed correctly—with Zagg providing clear instructions and all necessary tools—the screen protector seamlessly integrates with the Apple Watch’s stainless steel or aluminum hardware. In fact, it’s designed to be so unobtrusive that you may forget it’s even there. The protector acts as a nearly invisible layer that shields your watch’s screen, and in the event of an accidental impact, it absorbs the damage to preserve the original display. This way, you can enjoy peace of mind without compromising the aesthetics of your Apple Watch.

Anker Nano 3 30W charger

The latest Apple Watches no longer include power adapters, requiring users to either locate one from their collection or acquire a new one for charging. An excellent choice for this purpose is Anker’s 30W Nano 3, known for its compact design, foldable structure, and the inclusion of ActiveShield 2.0—an enhancement of Anker’s temperature-monitoring technology.

The incorporation of ActiveShield 2.0 ensures that the charger diligently monitors its temperature during operation, preventing overheating and safeguarding your devices from potential damage. With ample wattage, the 30W Nano 3 is well-equipped to charge your Apple Watch quickly and efficiently. Additionally, its power output is substantial enough to enable fast-charging for your iPhone, providing a convenient solution for those times when you need a quick power boost for your smartphone.

Apple MagSafe Duo charger

Apple offers an elegant solution for charging your iPhone and Apple Watch on the go with the MagSafe Duo. This wireless charger features dedicated spaces for wirelessly charging both devices and conveniently folds up into a neat square when not in use. The design allows the Apple Watch pad to flip upward, enabling you to utilize Nighttime mode while your device charges.

It’s worth noting that the MagSafe Duo includes a USB-C to Lightning cable to power the system, ensuring compatibility with Apple’s latest charging standards. However, it’s important to be aware that this wireless charger does not come with an AC adapter, so you’ll need to remember to pack your own for a complete charging setup while traveling.

Belkin Boost Charge Pro portable fast charger

For those who find themselves frequently on the move or commuting, having a spare Apple Watch charger can be a practical investment to avoid being without one during trips. Belkin’s Boost Charge Pro portable fast charger emerges as a compelling option, especially for users of the Apple Watch Series 8. This square pad utilizes Apple’s latest fast wireless-charging module, enabling it to charge the Series 8 from 0 to 80 percent in approximately 45 minutes.

The charger offers a straightforward charging experience—simply place your Apple Watch on the module. Additionally, the pad flips up, allowing you to use the Watch in Nightstand mode while it charges on your bedside table. To accommodate different Watch sizes and protective cases, the pad features a dial on its underside, enabling you to adjust the height of the charging module. The attached USB-C cable, conveniently tucked away at the bottom of the pad, is four feet long, providing flexibility in placement compared to other chargers. This combination of features makes the Belkin Boost Charge Pro a versatile and user-friendly option for Apple Watch users on the go.

Incase Bionic organizer

When traveling with your Apple Watch, it’s wise to have a pouch or case that can not only accommodate the gadget but also carry any necessary accessories when it’s not on your wrist. Incase’s Bionic organizer, a recommended choice in the past, continues to stand out as an excellent option for organizing your tech essentials while on the go.

This organizer is relatively compact, measuring 9.5 x 6 x 2 inches, making it convenient to carry. It features several internal pockets and loops designed to hold items such as extra Watch bands, your charging cable and adapter, an AirTag, and even your AirPods. The semi-hidden external pocket is a thoughtful addition for quick access to essential items.

Notably, the Incase Bionic organizer is crafted from 100-percent recycled, ripstop fabric, aligning with a sustainable choice. Choosing this bag ensures not only practicality in organizing your tech accessories but also a commitment to environmentally friendly materials.

Elago W6 Apple Watch stand

For those who want to take advantage of the Apple Watch’s convenient Nightstand mode while it’s charging, a stand or holder can enhance the experience. While there are numerous options available, Elago’s stands stand out for their personality and affordability.

Elago’s W-series offers a variety of fun designs, including those resembling a retro handheld gaming system, an old Mac, and even characters from Line. Despite not being the sturdiest stands on the market—mostly crafted from lightweight plastic, which can lead to sliding if you tug on the charging cord—they add a playful touch to your space. Priced at only $15, these stands not only inject some cuteness into your setup but also offer an affordable solution for a Nightstand mode-friendly charging experience.

Spigen ArcField MFi-certified charging

If you’re in search of an Apple Watch stand that doesn’t require threading in the magnetic charging pad and is suitable for travel or as a secondary charger, the Spigen ArcField stand is a recommended choice. This stand features a built-in wireless charger for your Apple Watch, and its weighted, non-slip base ensures stability on your nightstand or any surface.

The Spigen ArcField stand comes with a 6.6-foot USB-C cable, simplifying the charging setup—all you need to provide is an adapter. A notable feature is the assortment of rubber strips included, allowing you to customize the position and viewing angle for your specific Apple Watch. This thoughtful design makes the stand versatile and compatible with all Apple Watch models, including the larger Apple Watch Ultra. Overall, it offers a convenient and stable solution for charging your Apple Watch without the need for a separate charging pad.

Apple Watch band multi-packs

Customizing your Apple Watch and expressing your personal style can be easily achieved by selecting wristbands that resonate with your preferences. While Apple offers its first-party options, exploring alternatives from other brands can be a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Numerous online options provide a wide array of styles and materials for Apple Watch bands, ranging from sports bands and solo loops to leather bands. For basic silicone straps or sports bands, you can find packs of three to six bands for less than $20, though the quality may vary. To ensure you’re getting value for your money, look for brands with high ratings on platforms like Amazon. Additionally, consider using FakeSpot’s Amazon integration to assess the reliability of product reviews.

By exploring third-party options, you can discover affordable and stylish Apple Watch bands that suit your taste, allowing you to switch up the look of your device without breaking the bank.


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