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Level Up Your Drive: Google & Your Favorite Car Brands Team Up for a Smoother Ride


Google has announced new collaborations with automakers to offer vehicles equipped with pre-installed Google apps. Nissan, Ford, and Lincoln will introduce select models featuring built-in Google Maps, Assistant, and Play Store, among other applications, this year. Porsche is expected to follow suit in 2025. This development adds to the growing list of automakers embracing tighter integration with Google, which already includes Honda, Volvo, Polestar, Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, and Renault.

Alongside these partnerships, Google is introducing new features for vehicles equipped with built-in Google apps. One such feature, available starting today, enables users to send trips planned on their Android or iOS Google Maps app directly to their cars. This eliminates the need to re-enter multi-stop trips on the car’s Google Maps after planning them on their phones. Additionally, Chrome is being introduced to select Polestar and Volvo cars in beta, allowing users to browse websites and access bookmarks while parked. The browser will become available for more cars later in the year.

Google is expanding its app offerings for vehicles with the addition of PBS KIDS and Crunchyroll, providing users and their children access to more entertainment content. To keep drivers informed about changing weather conditions, Google’s built-in car apps now include The Weather Channel, offering hourly forecasts, alerts, and a “Trip View” radar on the dashboard. Lastly, Google is extending the availability of its digital car keys to select Volvo cars, allowing owners to unlock, lock, and start their cars with their Android phones. These initiatives represent Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance the in-car experience through seamless integration and additional features.

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