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LG TVs Turn Smart Home Hubs with Matter and Google Home


At CES 2024, Google announced an expansion of its smart home integration, revealing that in the future, LG TVs and select Google TV (as well as other Android TV) products will function as Google Home hubs. This development is aligned with Google’s support for the Matter smart home standard, which aims to simplify the setup and control of smart home devices without the necessity of owning a Nest device.

According to Sameer Samat, Google’s Android VP, the future integration means that LG TVs and specified Google TV and Android TV OS devices will serve as hubs for Google Home. This allows users with devices like Nest Hub, Nest Mini, or compatible TVs to easily incorporate Matter-supported devices into their home network and locally control them using the Google Home app. The move represents Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance the interoperability and accessibility of smart home devices, offering users more options for managing their connected devices seamlessly.

The recent announcement from Google aligns closely with a comment made by Eric Kay, a representative from Google, during LG’s CES 2024 press conference. Kay mentioned that LG TVs would serve as hubs for Google Home, allowing users to easily set up and control any Matter-compatible device. Users will have the ability to view, control, and manage both LG and Google Home devices directly from the TV or the ThinQ app. These features are expected to roll out later in the year.

This development signifies a significant expansion of options for smart home customers, enabling them to establish and control a Google Home setup, including Matter devices, without the current requirement of a Google Nest device. The move reflects Google’s commitment to providing users with more flexibility and choices in managing their smart home ecosystems.

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