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Little Nightmares III: Venture into The Nowhere with a Friend in 2024

Bandai Namco

Supermassive Games has unveiled a fresh, chilling sequel to their renowned horror series, Little Nightmares III, during the kickoff of Gamescom Opening Night Live. This iteration is set to not only frighten but also surprise players as it introduces a two-player cooperative mode for the first time, a marked departure from the series’ solo gameplay history.

The trailer that was showcased portrays a nightmarish realm where two pint-sized, puppet-like protagonists, Low and Alone, traverse a world that seems grotesquely magnified. Their adventure involves skirting around malevolent beings and evading deadly traps, all to escape a haunting place named The Nowhere. Its eerie ambiance, combined with co-op dynamics, may remind some gamers of the darker counterpart of “It Takes Two.”

As Bandai Namco, the publisher, puts it on the PlayStation Blog: “Armed with distinct, iconic items, Low and Alone are set to face a barrage of puzzles and threats. While Low has a bow and arrows at his disposal, Alone wields a wrench. But more than their tools, it’s the duo’s resilience, intelligence, and inventiveness that will be crucial in navigating the treacherous path of the Spiral.”

For those who prefer a solitary experience, the game doesn’t disappoint. Little Nightmares III offers a single-player mode featuring an AI sidekick to accompany you through the dread-filled journey. And while the allure of local multiplayer might be missed, the co-op experience is designed for online play, ensuring that players can endure the horrors together, even if they’re continents apart.

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