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Major discounts on Amazon Echo Show smart displays

Several Echo Show devices are currently offering significant discounts, reaching their lowest prices ever. The 2023 third-generation Echo Show 5, originally priced at $90, is now available for just $40, representing a substantial 56 percent price reduction. The Echo Show 8 has also seen a significant price drop, with a 54 percent discount, bringing its price down to $60 from its original $130.

The third-generation Echo Show 5 is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a straightforward smart home device that covers all the essential needs for your family. It features a 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 960 x 480, making it ideal for tasks like checking the weather, selecting music, or displaying your favorite photos. Additionally, it comes equipped with a 2MP camera for video calls and home monitoring and offers audio support for Prime Video, Spotify, and more through its 1.7-inch speaker.

Although a newer Echo Show 8 is available, there are still many reasons to appreciate the second-generation model, not the least of which is its more budget-friendly price compared to the $150 price tag of its successor. The Echo Show 8 boasts an eight-inch screen with a resolution of 1,200 x 800, enabling it to perform all the same functions as the Echo Show 5 but with superior quality. Moreover, it can stream Netflix, a feature not available in its counterpart. The Echo Show 8 also features a 13MP camera with auto-framing, ensuring you look your best during video calls.

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