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Make and receive Zoom and WebEx calls on the road with Android Auto


Android Auto’s latest updates make it easier to work, stay entertained, and safe on the road

Google today announced a range of software updates for Android Auto and vehicles equipped with Google integration. The updates include new productivity features, expanded entertainment options, and improved safety features.

New productivity features

  • Android Auto now supports Zoom and WebEx calls, so drivers can easily join scheduled meetings from their car displays.
  • Chrome-based internet browsing is now available, so drivers can access the web from their car displays without having to switch to a different app.

Expanded entertainment options

  • Prime Video is now available on the Google Play app, so drivers can stream their favorite movies and TV shows while parked.

Improved safety features

  • The Weather Channel app is now available, so drivers can get hourly forecasts and severe weather alerts.
  • A new follow-me alert safety feature allows third parties to track a driver’s vehicle in real time.
  • A Trip View radar will display live maps, including information about severe weather events.

Digital car keys

  • Google’s digital car key, which allows drivers to lock and unlock their vehicles using their phones, is now available in select Hyundai, Genesis, and Kia models in the US and Canada.

Overall, the latest updates to Android Auto make it a more comprehensive and user-friendly platform for drivers. The new productivity features make it easier for drivers to stay connected and get things done on the go, while the expanded entertainment options and improved safety features make driving more enjoyable and safer.

I am particularly excited about the new productivity features, as they will allow me to be more productive while on the road. I also appreciate the new safety features, as they will help me to stay safe and informed while driving.

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