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Microsoft bans unofficial Xbox controllers and accessories


Microsoft is taking a firm stance on the use of unauthorized controllers. The company has initiated a ban on any third-party Xbox controllers and accessories that do not fall under the “designed for Xbox” hardware partner program. This news surfaced when a gamer shared their experience on Restera, reporting that they received a notification about the ban after connecting a non-approved Xbox-compatible controller.

Microsoft has provided a detailed explanation of the error code on its support blog: “Upon connecting an unauthorized accessory and receiving error code 0x82d60002, you will have a two-week window to continue using the accessory. After this period, it will be rendered unusable with the console.” Microsoft’s guidance is straightforward: contact the seller of the controller and initiate a return. While this approach may seem uncompromising, it is undeniably clear.

The crackdown by Microsoft may be driven, in part, by a desire to prevent the use of cheat devices such as Cronus Zen, which other gaming companies have been striving to eliminate from gameplay. Additionally, Microsoft’s decision could be influenced by the potential to boost sales of their own controllers and accessories.

Companies like Brook Gaming, whose products are affected by this policy, have assured customers that they are actively exploring possible solutions to address this new directive. In the meantime, it’s expected that sales of Xbox products from third-party manufacturers, including Brook Gaming, will experience a decline.

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