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MythBusters and Friends Return! Discovery Shows Un-cancelled on PlayStation

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

If you had previously bought Discovery shows from the PlayStation Store, you can now relax. Sony has announced a reversal of its earlier decision to remove these shows from the network by December 31. This change is attributed to updated licensing agreements. In a recent update, the company had initially declared its intention to remove Discovery shows from PlayStation, including the deletion of any purchased titles from users’ libraries due to content licensing agreements with providers. Notable shows affected included MythBusters, Deadliest Catch, and Cake Boss, totaling around 1,200 titles. Refunds were not offered for any affected purchases.

The announcement coincided with Warner Bros Discovery’s revelation, in an earnings report, that its flagship streaming service Max had lost 2.5 million subscribers over a six-month period.

Sony’s announcements were succinct and did not delve into the specifics of its licensing issues with the network. As reported by The New York Times when Sony initially warned about the removal of purchased Discovery shows, this situation raised questions about ownership in the digital age. The Mythbusters that buying digital content ensures perpetual access, given the absence of a physical medium that can break or be lost, was challenged by this incident. It highlights the uncertainty that users face, as networks and providers may alter their licensing agreements, impacting the longevity of digital purchases.

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