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New 3D Sonic Platformer Coming to Apple Arcade in December


Apple has unveiled its latest lineup of forthcoming games for Apple Arcade, just a week after implementing the first-ever price increase for the subscription service in many markets. Among the notable titles on Apple’s horizon is an exclusive 3D Sonic platformer.

In the game “Sonic Dream Team,” Dr. Eggman has uncovered a means to bring dreams to life, propelling Sonic and his companions into enigmatic dreamscapes as they strive to thwart their arch-nemesis. Players can assume the roles of not only Sonic but also Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Cream, and Rouge, each endowed with their unique capabilities. “Sonic Dream Team” is set to debut on Apple Arcade on December 5.

Simultaneously making its entrance on the service is “Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition,” a fusion of an Animal Crossing-style life simulation and an adventure game featuring an array of Disney and Pixar characters ripe for befriending.

While “Disney Dreamlight Valley” has been in early access on other platforms since August last year, it was initially slated to transition to a free-to-play model with paid expansions upon its official release in December. However, the developer, Gameloft, has changed course, now opting to charge $40 for the base game on consoles and PCs. Nevertheless, there will be no additional fee for playing it on Apple Arcade, and players will also gain access to the “A Rift In Time” expansion without extra charges.

Beyond these titles, Apple Arcade will be welcoming six additional games in the coming months, including “Football Manager 2024 Touch,” a first in the soccer management sim series as it allows progress continuity from “Football Manager 2023 Touch.”

Other anticipated games include the culinary adventure “Delicious – Miracle of Life+,” the exclusive “Puzzle & Dragons Story,” and an oil rush-themed simulation “Turmoil+.” “Knotwords+,” a variant of the word game that gained popularity last year following the success of Wordle, is scheduled to debut on Apple Arcade on November 3. Furthermore, the indie classic “Downwell+” from Poinpy developer Ojiro Fumoto will be joining the service’s catalog on November 17.

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