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Official ‘Starfield’ and Camo Skins for Xbox Series X Console Set to Launch Soon.


Microsoft is set to join Sony in the custom console design market by releasing official skins for the Xbox Series X. While Sony has been offering themed PlayStation 5 plates like the recent Spider-Man 2 design, Microsoft has previously limited its custom design offerings to Xbox Series S units won in contests. Now, they are broadening their reach by offering official wraps for sale.

Among the available designs are two camouflage themes, Arctic Camo and Mineral Camo, as well as a design inspired by the game Starfield. These wraps are available for pre-order now. The Starfield-themed wrap, priced at $50, is set to be shipped on October 18th across the US, Canada, and Europe. The camouflage designs, priced at $45, will be available on November 10th. However, European fans might be disappointed as the Arctic Camo option won’t be immediately accessible in their region.

Microsoft is building anticipation for its most anticipated game of the year by launching a Starfield-themed wrap that aligns with the aesthetics of a controller and headset they recently introduced. Bethesda’s forthcoming massive RPG, Starfield, is set to release on September 6th. For fans keen on immersing themselves fully in the Starfield universe, this means a bit of a wait to deck out their console in the game’s thematic design.

Constructed from sturdy core panels enhanced with “high-tech fabric finishes,” the wraps are meticulously crafted. They feature a hook and loop system paired with a silicone inner design to ensure they stay firmly in place. In terms of design considerations, Microsoft has paid attention to every detail, including performance. They assert that the wrap has no impact on the console’s functioning, emphasizing that even the inclusion of tiny feet at the bottom of the wrap aids in preserving adequate airflow.

Although third-party brands like Dbrand have been in the custom Xbox console skin game for a while (Dbrand once found itself in hot water with Sony over its PS5 plates), this isn’t Microsoft’s first foray into console customization. The company previously ventured into swappable faceplates with the Xbox 360. However, they later acknowledged that the innovation didn’t gain the traction they had hoped for.


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