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OpenAI Unveils Team-Friendly ChatGPT with Enhanced Security and Collaboration

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OpenAI has introduced its GPT Store, enabling developers and users to create and share custom versions of the widely popular chatbot. This platform allows for collaboration and potentially monetizing these personalized ChatGPT models.

In addition, OpenAI has launched a new subscription tier called ChatGPT Team, designed for smaller teams. Priced between $25 to $30 per user on a monthly basis, this subscription offers enhanced data security and accommodates longer queries, catering to the needs of collaborative efforts within teams.

GPT Store


With the introduction of the GPT Store, OpenAI adopts a business model reminiscent of tollkeepers, akin to Apple’s App Store. This allows OpenAI to capitalize on the widespread popularity of ChatGPT by taking a percentage of the revenue generated through the customized GPT models. The GPT Store is accessible to everyone, even those without coding experience, making it a platform for widespread collaboration. However, creators must establish a Builder Profile, disclosing their real name or directing users to a verified website.

OpenAI has outlined plans to roll out a revenue program for GPT creators in Q1. Initially, creators in the U.S. will be compensated based on user engagement with their GPTs. While details are yet to be fully disclosed, creators are currently navigating the anticipation and relying on the buzz around this new platform, hopeful that the terms will be attractive when unveiled.

ChatGPT Team

According to OpenAI, ChatGPT Team is designed to offer “a secure, collaborative workspace to get the most out of ChatGPT at work.” In contrast to the previously launched ChatGPT Enterprise, which required significant financial commitments and interactions with the sales team, the Team tier is more accessible. Subscribers can join for $30 monthly or $25 annually, provided they are already subscribed to ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise.

ChatGPT Team includes access to GPT-4, featuring a larger (32,000-token) context window for handling longer queries. Subscribers benefit from increased message caps, and similar to the Enterprise tier, OpenAI pledges not to train its models on the data or conversations of ChatGPT Team subscribers.

This tier also provides a “secure workspace” with an admin console for seat management. Team members can create and share custom GPTs internally. OpenAI tantalizingly hints that ChatGPT Team subscribers will receive “early access to new features and improvements,” adding an extra incentive for businesses and teams.

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