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PlayStation 2023 Wrap-Up Explore Your Year in Gaming Stats


Sony has released its 2023 Wrap-Up, a reflective summary akin to those found on music streaming platforms, offering insights into your gaming habits on PS5 or PS4 throughout the past year. This updated version compiles your most-played games, tallies your total gaming hours, and provides an algorithmically generated “gaming style.” Beyond personal reflection, these year-end reviews also function as crowd-sourced social media marketing tools for Sony, who has crafted easily shareable digital cards showcasing users’ 2023 gaming habits.

To access your PlayStation 2023 Wrap-Up, simply visit Sony’s web portal and log in with your account. The platform generates visually appealing cards summarizing your top games, earned trophies, monthly gaming statistics, and your uniquely assigned gaming style (mine was labeled “Thrill Seeker”). At the bottom of the user interface, a button facilitates the sharing of these cards with friends or followers. Sony goes the extra mile by suggesting games aligned with your personalized style that you haven’t yet purchased.

Keep in mind that this recap feature is only accessible to those who have played games on a PS5 or PS4 for a minimum of 10 hours between January 1 and December 31. Consent for “Full Data” collection from PS5 settings or “Additional Data” from PS4 systems in specific regions (Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australasia, India, and Russia) is also a prerequisite for utilizing this promotional feature. As an added incentive, Sony is offering a bonus “unique avatar” and a digital collectible in the form of a Spider-Bot from the Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise, known as PlayStation Stars.

Given the popularity of annual digital recaps, it’s likely that Xbox and Nintendo will follow suit with similar year-end reviews in the near future.

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