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PlayStation 5 Slim Makes a Limited Appearance in North America

Sony Interactive Entertainment

The PS5 Slim from Sony is now becoming available in the US, with Dell and Walmart offering a standard model bundled with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 at no additional cost. The $500 package, however, is experiencing fluctuations in stock. Although the PS5 Slim isn’t the official name for these latest models, it is expected to soon be accessible through other retailers.

Walmart is also featuring Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III bundles, priced at $609 and including a choice of accessory. Initially, Sony indicated that the PS5 Slim would have an exclusive US release, but standard models with Modern Warfare III as a freebie have surfaced in Canada at $650 CAD.

Sony unveiled the sleeker PlayStation 5 models last month, with availability expected in November. However, the company did not specify the exact release date on its own storefront (where the systems are not yet available) or at third-party retailers.

These latest PS5 units boast a 30% reduction in volume compared to the original models, and depending on the variant, they are 18% to 24% lighter than their predecessors. While maintaining a curved appearance similar to the original PS5, a distinguishing feature is the black band that separates the cover panels on the top and bottom of the new systems.

Priced at $450, the new PS5 digital edition is $50 more expensive than its predecessor. If you later decide to use physical game discs or watch DVDs or Blu-rays on your PS5, you can connect an $80 disc drive, which easily clips onto the console. Sony has announced that once the original PS5 consoles are sold out, they will be discontinued. Therefore, those interested in a more affordable digital edition should act quickly.

For those opting for a vertical orientation of the PS5 Slim, a $30 stand is required. Without it, the alternative is using plastic clips that stabilize the console in its horizontal alignment, resulting in a less elegant appearance.

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