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Power Up Your Savings: Anker Black Friday Deals Extend with Up to 60% Off

the season for holiday shopping, and it’s not just about finding gifts for others—it’s also the perfect time to stock up on essentials for yourself. Charging cables, adapters, and other useful accessories are must-haves, especially when they’re on sale. Anker is offering a plethora of deals for this Black Friday season, with significant discounts on a wide range of charging gear. Take, for instance, the USB-C to HDMI Adapter, currently at an impressive 60 percent off. Anker’s Black Friday offerings encompass portable chargers, cables, wall plugs, surge protectors, and essentially everything you need to keep your devices up and running. Check out the best Black Friday deals on Anker devices that are still available today.

Anker Magnetic Power Bank


The Anker 20W Magnetic Power Bank offers an additional 22 hours of battery life for iPhone models 12, 13, 14, and 15. Designed to be MagSafe compatible, it boasts a robust 10N magnetic force, surpassing the strength of the original MagSafe charger. With its secure grip, you can effortlessly use your iPhone as usual while enjoying a power boost. Choose from Black, White, Purple, or Pink for this magnetic power bank—all available for the ultimate convenience.

Anker Prime 100W USB-C Charger

The 100W Anker Prime USB-C Charger is a convenient addition to your desk or bedside table, ideal for charging multiple devices simultaneously. Featuring one USB-A port and two USB-C ports, it evenly distributes 100W of power when using two ports (although using all three still ensures a fast charge). Compatible with iPhones since the iPhone 12, recent MacBooks, Galaxy Tabs, the HP Chromebook 14, and more, this charger offers versatility for a wide range of devices.

Anker 563 10-in-1 USB-C Hub


While MacBooks are excellent, the absence of an HDMI port can be occasionally inconvenient. Anker’s 563 10-in-1 USB-C Hub provides a solution to this issue, offering a 4K display along with a variety of additional ports. This versatile device includes two HDMI ports, a USB-C port for laptop connection, a USB-C data port, two USB-A data ports, an Ethernet port, a 100W max PD-IN port, an SD card slot, and a microSD card slot. With this hub, you can expand your connectivity options and address the HDMI port limitation on your MacBook.

Anker iPhone Fast Charging Cable 2-pack

While one charging cable might seem sufficient in theory, the inevitable regret sets in when you realize it’s left at work or inconveniently downstairs. Anker’s iPhone Fast Charging Cable 2-pack, currently at nearly half the original price, makes the decision to grab an extra cable a no-brainer. These 10-foot-long braided cables have the capability to charge an iPhone 14 Pro to 50 percent in just 30 minutes, provided you have a compatible plug. Regardless, their generous length and ability to deliver high-speed charges make them a practical and worthwhile option to consider.

Anker Prime Power Bank 200W

For those seeking super-fast charging in a compact device, Anker’s 200W Prime Power Bank is the go-to choice. Equipped with one USB-A 200W port and two USB-C 100W ports, this power bank delivers rapid charging capabilities. The package also includes a 100W charging base, allowing the power bank to be fully recharged in just an hour and 15 minutes. This combination of power and efficiency makes it an excellent option for on-the-go charging needs.

Surge Protector Power Strip

Protecting your gaming desktop or console from a power surge is crucial, and the last thing you want is for it to face potential damage. Anker’s 12-outlet Surge Protector Power Strip, priced at $22, provides you with peace of mind, ensuring that all your devices and game progress are shielded from unexpected power surges. This affordable investment safeguards your valuable equipment and promotes a worry-free gaming experience.

Anker SOLIX F1200 Portable Power Station

If you’re already daydreaming about warmer weather and picturesque camping excursions, consider upgrading your portable power station for the upcoming adventure. Anker’s SOLIX F1200 Portable Power Station, now available at half price—reduced from $1,400 to $700—represents a significant savings. While it’s still an investment, the discount makes it a steal in comparison. This power station boasts the capability to recharge up to 80 percent in just one hour, monitors its temperature up to 100 times per second, and is backed by a generous five-year warranty. Additionally, it comes equipped with car, AC, and solar charging cables, enhancing its versatility for various charging scenarios.

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