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Prime Time for Assassination: Experience Deathloop on PC at No Cost


Arkane Lyon’s time-manipulating first-person shooter, Deathloop, is available for free on PC exclusively for Amazon Prime members. The offer stands until January 10, allowing ample time to claim your copy. To access the game, you must link an active Epic Games Store account, a straightforward process facilitated by Amazon directly on the download page. Notably, this isn’t a temporary rental – the game becomes a permanent addition to your library.

This holiday giveaway tradition from Amazon isn’t new. Last year, gamers were treated to Dishonored 2, another acclaimed title from Arkane. Amazon consistently provides complimentary games, often aligning with special occasions like Prime Day events.

Deathloop stands out as a remarkable title, seamlessly blending the frenetic pace of a first-person shooter with the captivating allure reminiscent of classic adventure games like Myst. In our official review, we likened it to an escape room experience, capturing the essence of being trapped in a Groundhog Day-style time loop on an island, requiring ingenious solutions for escape. The game’s landscape is adorned with thoughtful puzzles, and the combat, true to the reputation of the creators of Dishonored, is immensely satisfying.

In essence, Deathloop is not just a game; it’s a unique and immensely enjoyable addition to the current generation of gaming. Even at its full price, it’s a steal, so obtaining it for free is an absolute no-brainer. For those inclined towards Game Pass, Deathloop is also available there. Meanwhile, the talented developers at Arkane are currently immersed in crafting a game centered around Marvel’s iconic vampire hunter, Blade.

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