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Samsung Q990D Soundbar Levels Up: Finally Embraces HDMI 2.1!

Samsung Q990D soundbar (Samsung)

At CES 2024, Samsung has addressed a previous concern by introducing the HW-Q990D soundbar, which now features HDMI 2.1, addressing the lack of 4K/120 passthrough in its predecessor, the HW-Q990C. While the overall design remains unchanged, the addition of HDMI 2.1 enhances the soundbar’s compatibility with gaming consoles and streaming devices that require this feature. The HW-Q990D retains its position as Samsung’s priciest soundbar, supporting wireless Dolby Atmos with an 11.1.4-channel sonic setup, making it the most robust option in the company’s 2024 home theater lineup.

The HW-Q990D comes with several new features, including a Private Listening mode that turns off all front-firing drivers and only utilizes the rear speakers, ideal for not disturbing sleeping family members or roommates. Another addition is the Party Play mode, which creates a balanced sound across the soundbar and rear speakers, providing a solid mix for each element of the setup. This feature is not exclusive to the Q990D and will also be available on other 2024 Q-Series soundbars, including the Q910D, Q800D, and Q730D.

Moreover, the entire Q-Series lineup continues to support virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby. Additionally, Chromecast and AirPlay support are available across the board for seamless audio streaming.

Samsung’s Q990D soundbar not only enhances the audio experience in the living room but also supports Roon, a high-resolution music streaming service. Roon allows users to stream music, including local files, to individual speakers or groups of devices, providing a versatile and high-quality music playback solution.

In addition to the Q-Series, Samsung has updated its ultra-slim S-Series soundbars. The new addition is the 35-inch-wide S700D model, designed to better complement TVs sized 55 inches and smaller. Samsung promises the same impressive sound quality as the 46-inch S800D and S810D, both of which are also updated for 2024. These ultra-slim soundbars are ideal for use with low-profile displays, such as The Frame, or in scenarios where a less imposing soundbar is preferred, as they are about a third of the depth of a typical soundbar. The S models still offer wireless Dolby Atmos, Q-Symphony, SpaceFit Sound Pro, and other premium features, but they are limited to 3.1.2-channel setups. Additionally, the S800D now features HDMI eARC for users who prefer a wired option.

As of now, there is no information regarding the pricing or availability of the Q990D or any of the other new soundbar models from Samsung. However, for reference, the previous model, Q990C, was released in the spring with an initial price of $1,900. The Q990C included two wireless rear speakers and a wireless subwoofer. The top-of-the-line ultra-slim model, the S800B, was priced at $900 at launch and came with a wireless subwoofer. Samsung is expected to release pricing details closer to the shipping date for all the 2024 soundbar models.

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