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Samsung Shines at CES 2024: AI Power & Glare-Free OLED Steal the Show!


Samsung has unveiled its lineup of TVs at CES 2024, introducing new 8K models with AI-powered features. The company is aiming to enhance the appeal of 8K TVs, particularly considering the limited availability of native 8K content. The new quantum dot TVs incorporate AI-powered upscaling technology, with a feature called AI Upscaling Pro. In the QN900D model (available in sizes ranging from 65 to 85 inches), this technology can convert 4K content into 8K, or even upscale HD/SD media into 4K. The intention is to provide a more immersive viewing experience and attract consumers to invest in 8K TVs despite the current scarcity of native 8K streaming options from content providers.

Samsung’s QN900D is positioned as the “slimmest, most premium 8K TV to ever hit the market.” Beyond resolution upscaling, this television incorporates several features powered by algorithms. One notable feature is the ability to recognize when viewers are watching sports and aid in tracking the game’s ball on the screen. The Real Depth Enhancer Pro algorithm enhances contrast between the foreground and background, particularly beneficial in fast-paced content like car racing.

The QLED (8K and 4K) and OLED televisions from Samsung include the Active Voice Amplifier Pro, an advanced version of an existing feature that enhances dialogue and key sound effects for a more immersive audio experience. Another innovative addition is the AI Customization Mode, where users choose their preferred picture in a series of scenes during TV setup. The AI then detects the scene being watched and optimizes the picture based on the user’s preferences.

Additionally, Samsung is introducing the QN85D, a presumably more affordable 8K QLED TV that lacks some of the advanced AI conversion features found in the QN900D. The 4K NEO QLED lineup includes the QN90D (available in sizes ranging from 43 to 98 inches) and QN85D (available in sizes ranging from 55 to 85 inches).


Samsung’s 2024 TV lineup includes new OLED models, specifically the S90D and S95D, both available in sizes ranging from 55 to 77 inches. The S95D model incorporates Samsung’s “OLED Glare Free” technology, designed to offer an optimal viewing experience in both bright and dark rooms without affecting viewing angles or contrast. Samsung claims that this feature allows the depiction of Pantone-validated standard colors. The S95D boasts a 4K 144Hz panel and is impressively thin, measuring just under 11mm.

In addition to OLED models, Samsung is introducing more ultra-large screen options, including 98-inch models in its Neo QLED 8K and 4K, QLED 4K, and Crystal UHD lineups. Addressing the challenge of pixels becoming more discernible with larger screen sizes, Samsung’s Supersize Picture Enhancer feature uses AI upscaling to enhance perceived sharpness and reduce visible noise on each pixel, mitigating the impact of larger dots on bigger TVs.

Engadget will be on the floor at CES 2024 to explore the hardware and software-based features of Samsung’s new televisions, and you can also tune into the company’s press conference on Monday at 5 PM ET for further details.

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