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Samsung’s New Interface Puts Smart Home Control at Your Fingertips!


Samsung introduced two new features, Now+ and Daily+, at CES 2024, aiming to enhance the smart home experience through its TVs and SmartThings ecosystem. Now+ incorporates smart home controls into the TV’s interface, allowing users to view and control devices such as light switches and air conditioners directly from the television. The platform enables smartphones to serve as remote controls when within range, offering convenient management of devices and quick access to essential functions without disrupting content viewing.

Daily+ is a customizable feature leveraging information from Samsung and Bixby via SmartThings devices to streamline access to relevant apps. The platform aims to simplify user interactions by providing personalized content and information based on the user’s preferences and habits.

While specific details, such as compatibility and rollout dates, were not fully disclosed during the CES presentation, Samsung’s integration of SmartThings with the Matter standard suggests broad compatibility with a wide range of connected appliances. The company’s commitment to creating a seamless smart home experience continues to evolve, leveraging the capabilities of its TVs and ecosystem to offer innovative features and convenience to users.

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