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Sony’s PSVR 2 gets its first discount during October Prime Day

The anticipation surrounding the initial release of a large-scale device is always exhilarating. Sony’s PlayStation VR2 is now available at a discounted price, going from $549 to $509.15 during the mid-October Prime Day sale, marking a seven percent reduction. While spending slightly over $500 on a headset when the PlayStation 5 is priced at $499 may seem like a significant investment, the nearly $40 you save could be put towards acquiring an extra game or two.

Sony introduced the PS VR2 in early 2023, and despite being slightly pricier than ideal, it earned an impressive 84 in our review. Notably, it boasts a sleeker design compared to its predecessor and offers exceptional comfort for prolonged wear, utilizing the same quality plastic material as the PS5’s outer shell and DualSense controllers. Furthermore, the PS VR2 incorporates eye tracking technology and introduced a novel haptic feature for head movements. The device itself is robust, featuring outstanding OLED displays and well-crafted Sense controllers.

While the popularity of VR headsets might not be as fervent as it was a few years ago, there is still a variety of fresh options available in the market. With its current discount, the PS VR2 is competitively priced compared to Meta’s Quest 3, and it significantly undercuts the hefty $3,499 price tag of Apple’s Vision Pro. Both the Quest 3 and Vision Pro are categorized as mixed reality devices, whereas the PS VR2 provides an excellent choice if your primary interest is virtual reality tailored for console gaming.

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