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TCL Goes Big at CES Unveiling the 115-Inch Monster TV


TCL, historically recognized for its affordable TVs, is making a notable shift at CES 2024 to position itself as a premium player in direct competition with industry giants like Samsung, LG, and Sony. The company unveiled its latest offering for TCL Unveils 115-Inch Monster TV, the 115QM89, during the CES press conference, boasting it as the largest MiniLED TV with Quantum Dot technology.

Part of TCL’s broader QM8 line, which includes premium TVs ranging from 65 to 98 inches, the 115QM89 introduces some features from its predecessors while incorporating new elements. A notable addition is the 6.2.2 channel speaker system, aiming to provide a more immersive surround sound experience for home theaters. The TV is equipped with a TCL AIPQ ULTRA processor, delivering higher-quality and crisper images compared to previous models. Significantly, the 115QM89 stands out with its impressive 20,000 dimming zones, crucial for enhancing the definition of shadows and highlights on a larger display, resulting in a more vivid presentation of moody movies and TV shows.

Apart from the remarkable 115-inch TV, TCL unveiled the premium Q6-Pro series, ranging from 50 to 85 inches, featuring enhanced local dimming for a 33 percent increase in display brightness, reaching 600 peak nits. Introducing the QM7, another addition to the Mini LED lineup, boasting superior processing speeds, display brightness, and overall image quality.

In the lower-end to midrange S line, TCL introduced the S5 with 4K UHD resolution, available in 43 to 85 inches. These TVs promise a 25 percent brightness boost compared to the previous generation, attributed to the new TCL AIPQ processor, ensuring improved color depiction. The S5 series will also include HDR PRO+ and Dolby Vision for an enhanced overall image quality.

Additionally, TCL presented new soundbars in the S and Q classes. The lineup features the S55H, a 2.1 Channel Dolby Atmos soundbar, and the Q85H, offering 7.1.4 Channel Dolby Atmos sound. The Q85H can wirelessly connect to rear speakers, promising a more immersive sound experience according to TCL.

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