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Time to brag See how your Xbox play stacks up in the 2023 recap


Xbox provides an in-depth glimpse into your gaming habits and preferred titles for the year with its 2023 recap. This comprehensive overview reveals your total gaming time on the system throughout the past year, identifies your most active month on Xbox, showcases your total achievements, and illustrates your preferred gaming genres through a pie chart, offering insights into potential shifts in your game preferences over time. Additionally, the recap presents a list of the games you played the most in the year, ranking them based on the time invested in each.

The recap doesn’t stop there; it highlights whether you’ve unlocked rare achievements and compares your gaming stats with other fans. This includes the number of hours spent gaming, your gamerscore, and your total achievements, potentially fueling your competitive spirit and either motivating you to increase your gaming hours or prompting a realization if you’ve been spending excessive time playing.

As the year comes to a close and retrospection becomes a trend for everyone, Xbox allows you to gain an overview of your gaming life, even if it’s not your primary gaming system. For those who lean towards PlayStation, Sony has also recently introduced its 2023 wrap-up recap, offering similar insights and game recommendations based on your gaming history—perhaps nudging you to aim for more gaming hours in the upcoming year.

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