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Waze Prompts Drivers to Exercise Caution on Crash-Prone Roads


Waze’s latest feature is all about prioritizing safety and equipping you with the information required to make well-informed decisions about your chosen route. The navigation app, owned by Google, has introduced crash history alerts. These alerts will notify you when you’re driving on a road with a history of accidents. Waze will display an in-app prompt that states “history of crashes” before you approach a challenging section, such as a tricky curve. This way, you can either reduce your speed or stay vigilant for potential hazards that could disrupt your journey.

The app determines whether to provide you with a notification based on data from the Waze community and an AI assessment of your route, considering factors like traffic conditions, terrain elevation, and whether the route is a major highway or a smaller local road. It refrains from showing crash alerts for routes you frequently travel to minimize distractions. This implies that its primary purpose is to alert you to exercise extra caution in unfamiliar areas.

Over the years, Waze has introduced various safety-oriented features to enhance your security during your planned journeys. A few years back, it began offering real-time accident data, enabling you to choose alternative routes when necessary and aiding first responders in reaching accident scenes more swiftly. In 2020, it also introduced guidance prompts to ensure you are in the correct lane for upcoming merges or exits well in advance.

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