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What’s New from NVIDIA? A Roundup of CES 2024 Unveils


It’s that time of the year once again, as the annual Nvidia’s CES 2024 trade show in Las Vegas is approaching, and NVIDIA is set to host a significant press conference. The conference will provide insights into “a spectrum of cutting-edge technologies” and is scheduled for Monday, January 8, at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET. This event takes place on the day before the official start of CES 2024. For those interested, the press conference can be watched directly on NVIDIA’s website. Alternatively, it will be available on the company’s YouTube page or Twitch channel, offering various options for viewers to tune in and catch the latest updates on NVIDIA’s advancements and innovations.

What we expect

CES 2024 will prominently feature AI as Nvidia’s CES 2024 takes the stage to highlight its latest advancements in artificial intelligence, with a particular focus on generative AI. While NVIDIA has been upfront about AI being a central theme, specific announcements have been kept under wraps. Given NVIDIA’s substantial presence and influence in the AI space over the past few years, it’s anticipated that the company will unveil new information about its next-generation AI supercomputer chips.

In addition to AI, the agenda includes announcements related to “consumer technologies and robotics,” demonstrating that AI won’t be the sole highlight. NVIDIA, being a diverse and expansive company involved in various sectors like industrial digitization, data centers, and more, reflects its multi-faceted nature. And, of course, let’s not forget that NVIDIA is a major player in the GPU market, contributing to its status as a significant and versatile tech entity.

Beyond the main press conference, NVIDIA is set to have a strong presence at CES 2024, featuring in 14 other conference sessions with titles such as “Reshaping Retail – AI Creating Opportunity” and “Cracking the Smart Car.” The company is committed to showcasing demos involving a diverse array of partners, ranging from Samsung to Mercedes-Benz.

Drawing from the previous year’s keynote, where NVIDIA emphasized AI, the company also unveiled new hardware, including updated GeForce GPUs and a refreshed lineup of RTX 40 series laptops. Additionally, NVIDIA provided detailed insights into new and improved cloud-based productivity software and other announcements. Given this history, it’s likely that there will be hardware reveals amid the focus on AI during CES 2024. Engadget’s extensive coverage of the event will keep readers updated on all the developments and announcements from NVIDIA and other tech players at CES.

What NVIDIA announced

Thank you for providing an update! It’s great to hear that NVIDIA has unveiled its RTX 40 Super GPUs, with the highlight being the $999 4080 model. Additionally, the announcement of streaming day passes for GeForce Now subscribers adds a new dimension to NVIDIA’s offerings. If you have any specific questions or if there’s anything else you’d like to know or discuss about these announcements, feel free to ask!

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