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Windows 11 gets AI boost with new 2023 update, featuring Copilot


Today, Microsoft initiates the rollout of its Windows 11 2023 update, also referred to as version 23H2. This update introduces a few minor features on top of Copilot and other AI-powered applications announced in September. You might be wondering, “Didn’t Microsoft recently release a significant Windows 11 update?” You’re correct. However, it turns out that the release on September 26th was essentially an AI preview designed for last year’s Windows 11 22H2 update. Consequently, Copilot didn’t actually reach most Windows users in the past few weeks (although I eventually received it on a test laptop, my home desktop is still without Copilot).

It’s understandable to be perplexed because Microsoft’s approach to Copilot has been rather bewildering from the beginning. We first learned of its arrival as “Windows Copilot” back in May, essentially integrating the AI features we saw in the Edge Copilot and similar tools directly into the core of Windows. Copilot became the centerpiece of Microsoft’s most recent Surface event, overshadowing the actual hardware with the company’s AI aspirations.

So, if you’ve been eagerly anticipating Copilot, make sure to start checking Windows Update. Furthermore, the Windows 11 2023 update transforms the built-in Chat app into Microsoft Teams, which will be located in your taskbar by default. You’ll also find Windows 11 components categorized under a new “System” label in the Start menu’s “All apps” section (a section I rarely visit these days). These System Components will also be accessible through a new page in the Settings app within the System section.

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