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Xbox Introduces New Eight-Strike Suspension System

Aaron Souppouris

Microsoft has unveiled an eight-strike suspension system to enhance clarity around Xbox community standards enforcement. Effective immediately, each enforcement will incur strikes proportional to the violation’s gravity, with each strike leading to a suspension from Xbox’s social utilities.

Under this new framework, two strikes will result in a one-day account suspension, while four strikes will lead to a week-long suspension. An accumulation of eight strikes will block a user from accessing Xbox multiplayer, messaging, and other social functionalities for a year. Nevertheless, during this period, users can still play offline games, access selected apps, and make purchases.

Microsoft encourages the Xbox community to report any observed transgressions of its community standards. The company’s safety team will then evaluate these reports, verifying any violations and deciding on the appropriate number of strikes to be issued.

A strike will remain on a player’s record for six months, post which it will be removed and no longer contribute to the user’s total strike count. However, particularly severe violations might directly result in a permanent ban, irrespective of the existing strike tally.

Users can access their enforcement history, offering insights into their current strike count and the specific end-time of any ongoing suspensions. Additionally, players can challenge eligible enforcement decisions. Twice a year, Microsoft will disclose data about strikes and enforcement actions in its Transparency Report.

Pre-existing enforcement actions won’t be retroactively converted into strikes, though any current suspensions will have to be completed before users can fully utilize Xbox services again.

In 2022, Microsoft temporarily suspended less than 1% of its total player base. Only a third of these individuals experienced a second suspension. Microsoft continues its commitment to fostering an inclusive Xbox community, exemplified by recent initiatives like the introduction of a feature to report unsuitable voice chat content.

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