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YouTube to Display Simplified Home Page if your watch history is turned off

YouTube is rolling out a simplified user interface for those who have opted to turn off their watch history. In its recent announcement, YouTube shared that users with their viewing history disabled or those without any significant prior watch activity will no longer see the traditional home feed of recommended videos. Instead, they’ll be presented with a clean layout, only featuring the search bar and the guide menu on the left side.

In a statement from YouTube’s official blog post, the company stated, “For users with watch history turned off, the home feed will be revamped to prioritize search and direct browsing, offering a more direct approach to accessing content. This way, users can seamlessly search for videos, navigate their subscribed channels, or delve into Topic tabs.”

This update will be gradually introduced to users over the upcoming months. YouTube’s intention behind this revamp is to offer clarity on which platform features rely on viewing history for tailoring video suggestions. This is especially beneficial for users who lean more towards direct search rather than relying on video recommendations.

For those interested in experiencing this minimalistic design, it’s easily accessible via the My Google Activity settings page where users can toggle their watch history preferences.

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