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AI-Generated Content: Google’s New Secret Weapon for Advertisers


Google is introducing a new feature that enables advertisers to generate AI-generated content utilizing the same technology found in the Bard chatbot. This development, as previously reported earlier this year, is now in beta and available on Google’s Performance Max advertising product. It allows advertisers in the United States to create and expand their text and image assets for campaigns through AI technology, as announced by the company in a blog post.

Performance Max is already a product powered by AI that operates seamlessly across various Google platforms, including YouTube, search, display, and more. It optimizes advertisements by analyzing performance data, and the new feature complements this by incorporating AI assistance for asset creation. According to Google, this feature will empower advertisers to swiftly generate high-quality, personalized assets for various Google platforms.

Google’s Pallavi Naresh stated, “Asset variety is a crucial element for a successful Performance Max campaign. You’ve expressed that generating and scaling assets can be one of the most challenging aspects of constructing and enhancing a cross-channel campaign. Now, you’ll be able to produce new text and image assets for your campaign with just a few simple clicks.”


Similar to Bard or ChatGPT, users input prompts to the AI, and it generates unique images and text tailored to each business. Marketers have the option to review and make adjustments to any content produced by the system before publication. This tool can be employed to craft different versions of the same advertisement or to develop entirely new ad campaigns. All AI-generated visuals come with a visible watermark and clear identification as such. Pallavi Naresh added, “We’ve implemented safeguards to ensure that our systems do not respond to inappropriate or sensitive prompts or propose creatives that violate our policies.”

This feature is poised to expedite the creation of advertising materials for marketers, concurrently benefiting Google by enabling faster ad deployment and revenue generation. Given that the vast majority of Google’s revenue is derived from advertising, this AI application aligns seamlessly with its business model. Currently in beta and available solely in the United States, the system is anticipated to have a broader rollout by the end of 2023.

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