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Aston Martin and Porsche Debut 2024 Models with Next-Gen Apple CarPlay


A glimpse of the upcoming iteration of Apple’s CarPlay interface has been showcased in high-end vehicles manufactured by Porsche and Aston Martin. This advanced interface, initially unveiled over a year ago at Apple’s WWDC in 2022, is anticipated to make its debut next year in select models from these luxury automakers. A notable enhancement is its ability to connect with all displays within the vehicle, extending beyond the central infotainment screen, as reported by Car and Driver.

Each collaboration with a manufacturer brings about matching and customization options across various screens. For instance, background wallpapers and knobs can be tailored to mimic the distinctive style of a particular car brand. Users will have the flexibility to personalize widgets and apps on the screen, mirroring the form and functionality found on Apple devices. Additionally, the CarPlay display will showcase essential elements such as the car’s speed, fuel level, and temperature on the instrument cluster.

While Porsche and Aston Martin are among the pioneers in revealing their partnerships with Apple for branded CarPlay systems, there is currently no specific timeline for the tool’s launch in individual Porsche models. Aston Martin has disclosed plans to introduce CarPlay displays in the 2024 DB12 coupe and DB12 convertible upon their release. Given Porsche’s affiliation with the VW Group, there’s potential for the latest CarPlay features to gradually extend to VW and Audi models in the future.

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