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Amazon Promotes the Adoption of AI-Generated Product Listings Among Sellers


Amazon Unveils an Innovative AI Tool for Automated Product Listing Generation for Sellers. This advanced feature harnesses the power of a robust large language model (LLM) that has been extensively trained on vast datasets, streamlining the process for vendors to describe their products, simplifying what was once a time-consuming task into a single step.

The Generative Listing Content tool introduced by Amazon minimizes the workload for sellers, requiring them to provide only a concise product description in a few words or sentences. From this input, the tool autonomously generates high-quality content, including titles, product descriptions, and bullet points, which sellers can review and, if needed, refine before submission. Amazon reports that numerous sellers have already tried the tool over the past few months, with feedback indicating that most of them utilize the generated content directly, making minimal to no revisions.

Mary Beth Westmoreland, Vice President at Amazon, expressed in a recent blog post announcement, “These innovative capabilities will empower sellers to effortlessly create top-notch product listings, delivering customers with comprehensive, consistent, and engaging product information to enrich their shopping experiences.


With our latest generative AI models, we can infer, enhance, and enrich product knowledge on an unprecedented scale, bringing about significant advancements in quality, performance, and efficiency,” commented Robert Tekiela, Amazon’s Vice President of Selection and Catalog Systems. He further explained, “Our models acquire the ability to deduce product information from diverse sources, tap into latent knowledge, and employ logical reasoning. For instance, they can deduce a table’s shape as round if its specifications include a diameter, or infer a shirt’s collar style from its image.”

This new tool complements Amazon’s previously launched AI-generated review summaries, introduced earlier this summer. This feature employs generative AI to analyze product reviews and generate concise one-paragraph summaries, complete with clickable keywords. Amazon hints at its ongoing commitment to integrate generative AI into its platform, stating, “We’re just scratching the surface of how we intend to leverage AI to enhance the seller experience and support more sellers in achieving success.” CEO Andy Jassy affirmed last month that generative AI is poised to become a central component of Amazon’s future endeavors.

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