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Amazon users must switch payment methods for Venmo-linked accounts


Users accustomed to utilizing Venmo for Amazon transactions will need to transition to an alternative payment method for renewing their Prime membership or making purchases. Amazon has decided to discontinue Venmo as a direct payment option, only 14 months after introducing it.

The ability to add Venmo as a payment option on Amazon is no longer available. However, individuals who already have Venmo integrated into their Amazon wallet can continue using it for checkouts until January 10. Amazon clarified that it will still accept payments made with Venmo debit and credit cards.

While Amazon has not publicly stated the reason for discontinuing Venmo as a direct payment option, it assured customers that there are nearly a dozen other payment methods still available. According to CNBC, a Venmo spokesperson expressed optimism about the ongoing collaboration with Amazon, stating, “We have a strong relationship with Amazon and look forward to continuing to build on it.”

Notably, Amazon also does not directly accept payments from PayPal, Venmo’s parent company. Nevertheless, similar to Venmo, customers can make payments using PayPal debit cards.

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