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Amplify Your Security: Google’s New Titan Key Holds 250 Passkeys

Google has been striving to simplify account security, advocating a shift from passwords to passkeys and offering physical keys adhering to FIDO standards. The Titan security key lineup has now received updates to enhance compatibility with both passkeys and passwords.

Google continues to provide two Titan keys, one featuring USB-C and the other USB-A. Both keys support NFC for unlocking accounts on compatible smartphones and through the physical port. The new key aligns with FIDO2 specifications, enabling password-free sign-ins and accommodating up to 250 passkeys.

Google encourages users to adopt passkeys for Google account protection during setup, prompting the creation and storage of a passkey on the Titan key instead of relying solely on passwords. Additionally, users establish a PIN for use alongside the security key to unlock their Google accounts. While the Titan key is optimized for Google accounts, it is compatible with any supported account and can function as a two-factor authentication device alongside traditional passwords.

The updated Titan keys are available for purchase on the Google Store, maintaining the same pricing as their predecessors. The USB-A model is priced at $30, while the USB-C key is priced at $35.

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