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MLS Season Pass Subscriptions on Apple TV Surge Following Messi’s US Move

AP Photo/LM Otero

Lionel Messi’s debut in the Major League Soccer (MLS) has not only been a sensation on the field but a game-changer for Apple’s streaming platform. Since the iconic player’s entrance into the league, there’s been a palpable spike in interest surrounding the games, especially those of Inter Miami, the team Messi now graces with his presence. Notably, ticket prices for these matches have skyrocketed in the weeks following Messi’s signing.

Messi, renowned globally for his unparalleled skills and often hailed as the best footballer ever, shifted from European giants Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain to the sunny coasts of Miami this July. This transition has had some unforeseen and lucrative consequences for Apple. Specifically, their MLS Season Pass subscriptions on Apple TV have witnessed a staggering increase, doubling in numbers since Messi made his American soccer debut.

This significant surge in subscription was highlighted by Jorge Mas, a prominent owner of the Inter Miami team. He emphasized the profound influence Messi has had on the viewership metrics, especially within the Spanish-speaking audience. According to Mas, over half of the Spanish language viewers for the MLS Season Pass on Apple TV have been tuning in specifically for matches where Messi is in action. And this number, Mas added, is on a steady incline.

In today’s digital age, validations often come in the form of retweets and shares. In that context, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, amplified Mas’ statements by retweeting them. This not only serves as an endorsement from the tech mogul but also indicates the authenticity of the claims made by Mas. Further adding weight to this is Apple’s PR team, which has been strategically spotlighting the said tweet, emphasizing the link between Messi’s arrival in the MLS and the subsequent rise in Apple TV subscriptions.

It’s a testament to Messi’s undeniable global appeal that his mere presence in a league can transform its viewership dynamics. The MLS, historically overshadowed by the grandeur of European leagues, is now in the spotlight, thanks to the Messi effect. Apple TV’s MLS Season Pass is reaping the benefits, seeing a rejuvenated interest from soccer aficionados around the world.

However, beyond the business implications, Messi’s move signifies a larger shift in the global football narrative. Once a hub for aging stars looking for one last hurrah, the MLS is now attracting prime talent, redefining its position in the global soccer ecosystem. Messi’s move, hence, isn’t just about a player changing teams; it’s a statement about the evolving stature of American soccer.

To sum it up, the ripples created by Messi’s move to the MLS are far-reaching, impacting not just the soccer landscape but also the entertainment industry’s streaming sector. Apple TV’s MLS Season Pass has become an unexpected beneficiary of this transition, with numbers that undoubtedly vouch for the Messi magic.

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