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Apple Watch Series 8 now available for under $250

Leading up to its Prime Big Deal Days event starting next week, Amazon is currently offering a significant discount on the Apple Watch Series 8. Thanks to a coupon, this deal brings the price down to the lowest we’ve seen so far. You can now acquire the 41mm model in a vibrant red color for just $225, marking a savings of $175 off the regular price of $400 (a remarkable 44 percent discount). This offer is exceptionally compelling, especially considering that the next-generation Series 9 was only released two weeks ago.

While the Apple Watch Series 8 doesn’t introduce major overhauls compared to the Series 7, it does bring some valuable new features to the table. One standout feature is a temperature sensor designed to support women’s health. It provides female users with an estimate of their ovulation period. This feature is meant to be used overnight, continuously monitoring your wrist temperature every five seconds to detect any shifts from your baseline.

Another noteworthy addition is Crash Detection. In addition to detecting falls like current models, the Apple Watch Series 8 can also identify car crashes through a pair of newly integrated accelerometers. Working in tandem with other sensors, it can discern four distinct types of crashes, including rollovers, front impacts, back impacts, and side impacts. Of course, all Series 8 models come equipped with cellular functionality, offering internet connectivity, calls, and text messaging for activities like running, hiking, or other pursuits that don’t necessitate a smartphone.

Moreover, like previous Apple Watches, it can be used to unlock your Mac, locate your other Apple devices, and facilitate payments via Apple Pay. The primary enhancements with the Apple Watch Series 9 revolve around the Double Tap and Raise to Speak (Siri) features. Therefore, if you can forgo these specific features and are content with the red color option, $225 represents an extraordinary value.

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