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Apple Watch Series 9 Price Dive! Snag it for $329 Again!

Whether for better or worse, January wouldn’t be complete without a focus on fitness and maintaining an active lifestyle. Luckily, monitoring your progress has become more affordable with an 18 percent discount on the 41mm Apple Watch Series 9. This sale, featuring our preferred Apple Watch of 2024, reduces the price from $399 to $329 — marking an all-time low, except for a rare occurrence in December when just two colors briefly dropped to $310. The Apple Watch Series 9, now available for $329, comes in small to medium and medium to large models across five of the nine available color options.

The Apple Watch Series 9 stands out as a standout option in the Apple lineup, offering a compelling choice for those willing to invest in a high-quality smartwatch. In our review, it earned an impressive score of 92, showcasing new features such as Raise To Speak and Double Tap. The Raise to Speak feature allows you to activate Siri by simply elevating your wrist, although its effectiveness may vary. Notably, Siri requests are now processed directly on the watch, eliminating the need for another device like your iPhone. This enhancement enables Siri usage even when offline or away from your phone.

The Double Tap feature adds interactivity, allowing you to tap your index finger and thumb together (on the same side as the watch) twice to perform specific actions. This feature facilitates tasks such as answering or ending calls and responding with dictation.

In terms of health and fitness, the Apple Watch Series 9 excels in monitoring your heart rate and sending notifications in case of irregularities. It also tracks sleep stages and overall well-being, incorporating features like temperature sensing. Additionally, its water-resistant design ensures durability, making it a reliable choice even during sweaty activities.

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