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Google’s Search Results Get a Human Touch with Community-Sourced Notes


Google is exploring a feature that enables users to append their personal notes to search results, visible to all. The concept aims to enhance result relevance by incorporating human perspectives, offering insights like recipe link feedback or travel tips. This opt-in feature is currently accessible in Google’s Search Labs.

Search Labs serves as a testing ground for new features before potential integration into the primary search engine. Users enrolled in the Notes experiment, who have opted in, will observe a Notes button in Search and Discover. Clicking this button reveals insights shared by others about a specific article. Users can contribute their own notes, embellishing them with stickers, photos, and, in the future (for US users exclusively), AI-generated images.


While the concept of community-sourced notes may raise concerns in an era of widespread misinformation and online trolling, especially with the addition of AI imagery, Google assures users that it will employ a combination of algorithmic safeguards and human moderation. This approach aims to ensure that the notes are safe, helpful, and pertinent while guarding against harmful or abusive content. The company is also exploring ways to enable site owners to include notes on their own pages.

This feature is currently in the testing phase, and users will have the opportunity to provide feedback based on their experiences with Notes. The experimental feature is being gradually introduced for Search Labs on both Android and iOS platforms in the US and India.

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