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Apple Watch X Rumored to Sport Slimmer Design with Magnetic Straps


Since its debut in 2015, Apple has unveiled a new Apple Watch annually, often with only incremental improvements. However, whispers suggest that the trend might see a deviation with the Apple Watch X, as insiders hint at significant revamps for this tenth-anniversary edition, based on insights from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Among the anticipated enhancements for the Apple Watch X, a standout feature could be the shift to a magnetic band mechanism, veering away from the existing slide-in attachment. This change might pave the way for accommodating a heftier battery. Additionally, rumors point towards a sleeker watch body paired with a cutting-edge microLED display, promising superior visuals compared to the prevailing OLED panels. Health-wise, the forthcoming model might boast a new blood pressure sensor, complementing the existing functionalities like heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring, and blood oxygen level detection.

As for its market appearance, if Apple adheres to its yearly launch tradition, we might catch a glimpse of this revamped watch in a year. But if they decide to mark a complete decade from the original launch, it might be a two-year wait. Before the Apple Watch X’s grand entry, the Apple Watch Series 9 is next in line, anticipated to make its debut this upcoming September. Predictions hint at a beefed-up processor, its first significant update since the Series 6, coupled with fresh color choices. Size-wise, it’s believed to mirror the Series 8, making it more of a modest upgrade overall.

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