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iCloud+ gets even more spacious with new 6TB and 12TB tiers


Apple has added two new iCloud+ storage tiers: 6TB for $30/month and 12TB for $60/month. These new tiers join the existing 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB plans.

The new 6TB and 12TB plans are a significant expansion of Apple’s iCloud+ storage offerings. They are targeted at users with large photo and video libraries, as well as those who use iCloud+ for work or school. The new plans also offer access to premium features, such as Private Relay, Hide My Email, Custom Email Domains, and HomeKit Secure Video support.

The new iCloud+ pricing is competitive with other cloud storage providers. Google offers 5TB and 10TB plans for $25 and $50/month, respectively. Dropbox offers 5TB and 15TB plans for $15 and $24/month, respectively.

The new iCloud+ plans will be available next week. To upgrade your plan, go to the iCloud settings on your iPhone or iPad, or on the iCloud website.

Here are some additional thoughts on the new iCloud+ plans:

  • The 6TB and 12TB plans are a good option for users who need more storage space for their photos and videos. For example, a professional photographer or filmmaker may need a lot of storage space to store their high-resolution photos and videos.
  • The new plans are also a good option for users who use iCloud+ for work or school. For example, a student may need a lot of storage space to store their school documents and projects.
  • The premium features that come with the new plans are also valuable. For example, Private Relay helps to protect your privacy online, and Hide My Email allows you to create unique email addresses for each website you sign up for.

Overall, the new iCloud+ plans are a welcome addition to Apple’s cloud storage offerings. They provide users with more options to choose from and offer access to valuable premium features.

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