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Apple’s 3rd-Generation AirPods Hit an All-Time Low Price of $140

Billy Steele

Apple’s latest AirPods, the 3rd-generation, are currently available at Amazon for a record-low price of $140, offering a substantial $30 off their standard retail price. This isn’t the first time we’ve witnessed such a deal, but based on previous patterns, this discount tends to lead to rapid sell-outs. So if you’re eyeing these, it’s advisable to act quickly. The third-gen AirPods represent a significant upgrade from their previous iteration, boasting enhanced audio quality, extended battery longevity, and an optimized fit for better comfort. However, potential buyers should be aware that these lack the active noise cancellation feature found in the AirPods Pro. Speaking of the Pro variant, those are currently on offer at Amazon for $199.

Buy Apple AirPods (3rd gen) $140 Apple’s vastly improved AirPods are down to their lowest price ever. 

Released in 2021, the standard AirPods garnered a commendable score of 88 in a review by Engadget’s Billy Steele. Steele was particularly taken by their expansive and captivating sound, an achievement resulting from a unique driver and a high-dynamic-range amplifier. Powering these AirPods is the H1 chip, which facilitates hands-free Siri integration and swift iPhone pairing. While they may lack active noise cancellation, they do boast features like spatial audio and Adaptive EQ, which dynamically tweaks the sound in real time. Comfort is another plus point, and this iteration further introduces water resistance, making them suitable for jogging or even braving a drizzle.

Currently, Amazon is also offering discounts on several earbuds featured in Billy’s guide to top wireless earbuds. Notably, Sennheiser’s Momentum 3 buds, typically priced at $280, are now available for a staggering 46 percent off, landing at just $150. These earbuds are a close second in terms of the best overall pick, delivering superior sound quality for an upscale auditory experience. While they might not be as feature-packed as the foremost choice, the current price tag — a whole $150 less — makes them an enticing deal.

Currently, Sony’s LinkBuds S are available at a tempting price, having been slashed by 46% to a mere $108. This appears to be the steepest discount they’ve received to date. Earning an honorable mention in our guide, their compact and lightweight design ensures they remain comfortable even during extended listening sessions. Beyond comfort, these earbuds pack a punch in terms of sound quality and are equipped with effective active noise cancellation.

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