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Blink’s Outdoor 4 Security Camera Delivers Enhanced Video Clarity Both Day and Night


Blink has unveiled its newest addition to the security camera lineup, the Blink Outdoor 4. This camera takes pride in delivering superior image resolution, heightened sensitivity in low-light conditions, and an expanded field of view. To break down the specifics, the view angle has grown from 110 degrees to an impressive 143 degrees. The camera’s advanced image quality, both during daylight and nighttime, can be attributed to Blink’s latest custom silicon which facilitates on-device computer vision. A noteworthy feature that remains consistent is the two-year battery lifespan, powered by the two AA batteries housed within.

Following its predecessor, the wired floodlight camera introduced about a year ago, the Blink Outdoor 4 also offers person detection capabilities. However, to unlock this feature, users will need to subscribe to Blink’s add-on plan, costing either $3 monthly or an annual fee of $30. This subscription not only enables person detection but also offers dual-zone motion sensing and tailored alert options based on yard activities. Starting today, the camera is up for grabs at $119.99, a package that includes both the camera and a Sync Module 2, necessary for connecting the device to one’s WiFi network.

On a related note, Blink has highlighted its soaring market presence over the past year, citing an over 40% sales increase. Remarkably, over 60% of these sales were from consumers new to the Blink brand. This growth trajectory can likely be attributed to its competitively priced devices, coupled with Amazon’s consistent and lucrative discounts on its proprietary products.

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