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Editing Sent Messages Coming Soon to Google Messages?

Lamaip via Getty Images

The Google Messages app for Android might soon offer users the ability to edit texts even after they’ve been sent. TheSpAndroid delved into the APK of a recent beta version of Messages, discovering several references to a message-editing feature.

Within the code, the publication uncovered flags related to a message-editing user interface, loading edit history, and processing incoming and outgoing edits. Currently, activating these flags doesn’t appear to have any immediate impact, as observed by The Verge. Additionally, TheSpAndroid found code indicating that message editing could be compatible with the RCS protocol.

If Google decides to implement this feature, it would align with the approach taken by WhatsApp and iMessage, both of which introduced the ability to edit messages within a specified timeframe over the past year. Google has recently introduced other useful features to Messages, including the option to convert photos into reactions, the ability for users to create a profile linked to their phone number with their name and photo, and the capability to customize the color of text message bubbles, including opting for a blue hue.

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