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Experience Precision Tracking with Apple’s Cutting-Edge Chips in Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro for Mac and Final Cut Pro for iPad. (Apple)

In the wake of the recent launch of the new MacBook Pros featuring the M3 chip, Apple is set to roll out an update for Final Cut Pro that maximizes its compatibility with the company’s silicon. According to Apple, this enhanced video editing suite will harness a new machine-learning model to achieve superior results in object and face tracking. Furthermore, the encoding processes for H.264 and HEVC are expected to be expedited, thanks to improved concurrent processing capabilities of Apple silicon’s media engines.

From a user experience perspective, the updated Final Cut Pro introduces features such as automatic timeline scrolling, the ability to streamline a selected group of overlapping connected clips into a single storyline, and the option to merge connected clips with existing connected storylines. In Final Cut Pro for iPad, users will benefit from the inclusion of a new voiceover recording tool, additional color-grading presets, fresh titles, general workflow enhancements, and a stabilization tool in the pro camera mode. These updates for both the Mac and iPad versions of Final Cut Pro are scheduled for release later this month.

With Logic Pro’s new Quick Sampler Recorder mode, users can create sampler instruments from any sound using the iPad’s built-in microphone or a connected audio input. (Apple)

Apple has also made some valuable enhancements to Logic Pro for those who are dedicated to music creation. In both the Mac and iPad versions, a new Mastering Assistant has been introduced, which claims to assist in refining your audio mix by analyzing and adjusting “dynamics, frequency balance, timbre, and loudness.” This tool can be utilized at any stage of the creative process. Additionally, both versions of Logic Pro now support 32-bit float recording with compatible audio interfaces to prevent digital clipping and enhance low-level sensitivity.

If you’re a fan of “Sample Alchemy,” a sample-to-instrument tool, and “Beat Breaker,” an audio multi-effect plug-in in Logic Pro for iPad, you’ll be delighted to know that both features have been incorporated into Logic Pro for Mac. Furthermore, the Mac application has gained two complimentary sound packs, namely “Hybrid Textures” and “Vox Melodics,” accessible in the Sound Library. Some users may also appreciate the introduction of the new “Slip” and “Rotate” tools available in the “Tool” menu.

Meanwhile, the updated Logic Pro for iPad offers an improved multitasking experience. The app now supports iPadOS’ “Split View” and “Stage Manager,” enabling you to seamlessly drag and drop audio samples from other apps, such as Voice Memos, Files, or a web browser, directly into Logic Pro. Additionally, a new “Quick Sampler” recorder plug-in simplifies the creation of sampler instruments using the built-in microphone or an external audio input. This update, along with a selection of related in-app tutorials, is readily accessible.

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