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From Clicks to Claps: Google Meet’s Hand Raise Feature Embraces Natural Gestures

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Interacting during a Google Meet just got a touch more dynamic. Google is introducing a new gesture detection feature that allows you to physically raise your hand to signal the group about having a question, as an alternative to clicking the raise hand button. While seemingly minor, this addition brings a bit of movement to the virtual meeting experience, which can be refreshing after a prolonged day of online sessions.

To utilize the gesture detection feature, make sure your camera is active, and your hand is distinctly visible in the frame, with Google suggesting maintaining some distance from your face and body. Simply hold your hand up momentarily, and the system will recognize the gesture, alerting other participants. Although it might evoke memories of school days, the touch of nostalgia can be a welcome addition.

For those who tend to use expressive hand gestures while speaking, Google Meet is designed to deactivate gesture detection when you are actively speaking, reactivating it once you become a silent participant again. While administrators lack control over this feature, users can opt to turn it off at any time by navigating to More Options, then clicking Reactions and Hand Raise Gesture. If the automatic triggering during animated waving becomes a concern, disabling the feature may be a practical solution.

The rollout of gesture detection is expected to reach Rapid Release domains in the coming days, while Scheduled Release domains will experience a gradual rollout over 15 days starting from November 28. This feature is inclusive across various Google Meet Workspace plans, encompassing Business Standard and Plus, Education Plus, and individual subscriptions.

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