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Google Photos Revamps Memories Feature Using Advanced Generative AI


Google Photos has introduced a significant upgrade by incorporating generative AI into its renowned Memories feature. While the app has always crafted scrapbook-like montages from users’ media, this update promises to make these compilations more intimate and tailored to users’ experiences. Leveraging advanced algorithms, the AI will group photos into meaningful categories, such as highlighting a recent vacation, and generate fitting titles for these montages. While the system aims for accuracy, users can expect occasional AI hiccups and can easily rename or modify collections when needed.

These montages are now centralized under the “Memories” tab, allowing users to engage with them at their discretion. This change marks a departure from the earlier practice where users were alerted with push notifications for every new montage. Besides exploring these montages, the Memories tab also offers existing features like music additions and in-app memory sharing.

A noteworthy feature of this update is the collaborative aspect. Users can invite friends and family to co-create scrapbook entries, allowing them to pitch in with their photos and videos. The collaborative feature offers participants the freedom to delete or tweak photos, and the AI will suggest photos based on parameters like geotagging. As for sharing these memories, Google promises that users will soon have the capability to save and send them as popular video formats across various platforms.

While this update is rolling out in the U.S., global users might have to wait a bit longer for a full-fledged release. This move is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to embed generative AI into Google Photos, as evidenced earlier this year when they enhanced the Magic Editor toolset with AI to seamlessly remove undesired elements from images.

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