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Google takes steps to combat deepfakes in political ads

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Google to require political ads to disclose AI-generated content

Google has announced that it will require political advertisers to “prominently disclose” whenever their advertisement contains AI-altered or -generated aspects, effective in November. This is an important step to combat the spread of disinformation and deepfakes in the upcoming 2024 Presidential election cycle.

Google’s new policy is based on its existing Manipulated Media Policy and will apply to both images and audio. Ads that utilize AI aspects will need to be labeled as such in a “clear and conspicuous” manner that is easily seen by the user.

Google’s actions stand in contrast to those of other social media companies, such as Twitter and Meta, which have been criticized for their lack of oversight on political ads. The Federal Election Commission is also beginning to weigh in on the issue, and is considering amending a standing regulation to clarify that the prohibition on fraudulent misrepresentation applies to “deliberately deceptive Artificial Intelligence campaign advertisements” as well.

Google’s new policy is a welcome development, and it is hoped that other social media companies will follow suit. It is important to hold political advertisers accountable for the content they put out, and to ensure that voters have the information they need to make informed decisions.

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