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Google Simplifies Deal Hunting with Dedicated Deals Hub


The holiday season is often celebrated as the most delightful time of the year, but it can also be quite financially demanding. In anticipation of the frenzied search for the best deals on gifts, Google is introducing its new deals hub. Now, when you enter “shop deals” into Google’s search bar, it will direct you to a page brimming with discounts across various categories, including electronics and clothing.

If you’re on the lookout for specific items, you can search for something like “shop headphone deals” to find promotions related to that product. The displayed offers will originate from a variety of sources, encompassing major retailers, luxury brands, and local stores. Additionally, Google will present items based on your previous browsing history when you’re signed into your account. Furthermore, if you’ve previously viewed an item such as a shirt or a watch, it may reappear in your “resume browsing” card, alongside any ongoing promotions.

Google is also taking on browser extensions like Honey and Capital One Shopping by introducing a new discount tag icon within the Chrome address bar. By clicking on this button, you’ll receive a list of coupon codes for the website you’re currently shopping on, much like the functionality offered by these other extensions.

Moreover, Google is enhancing its tracking capabilities to help you determine whether a product’s price is higher than usual or has recently dropped. Participating websites will feature a “shopping insights” label in the address bar, which you can click on to view the item’s price history over the past 90 days. This chart can provide insights into whether the item frequently goes on sale or if its regular price has recently decreased. Additionally, you can activate push and email notifications for product discounts by clicking the bell icon when using Google Search on your mobile device. If you’re shopping from your computer using Chrome, you have the option to bookmark the item for future reference.

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