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Google’s Duet AI: Crafting Emails and Documents with Varied Tonalities

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Google has unveiled further insights into the functionalities of its Duet AI assistant, designed to streamline the creation of emails and documents. Within Gmail, Duet AI enhances existing AI-backed tools like Smart Reply. By selecting the “help me write” option, users gain access to a host of writing aids.

By opting for “write your draft”, users can instruct the type of message they want Duet AI to construct. According to Google, the assistant can reference preceding messages in the conversation to create a more pertinent draft. Users also have the flexibility to tweak the message’s tone, whether they prefer it more official or relaxed. Other choices include expanding or shortening the content, and for those who enjoy a sprinkle of spontaneity, the “I’m feeling lucky” option can inject a dash of creativity in tone and style.

In Google Docs, the offerings mirror those in Gmail. Users can calibrate Duet AI’s text to be informal, condense sections, bullet-point content, or even redraft based on preliminary guidelines. Google mentions the possibility to “refine the generated content” via personalized directives. Additionally, the “help me write” feature in Docs incorporates smart canvas attributes.

Currently, Duet AI is exclusive to entities willing to invest an additional $30 per user monthly, as part of the Duet AI for Google Workspace Enterprise package. Google plans to roll out this virtual assistant to smaller businesses and individual users in the foreseeable future, though pricing remains undisclosed.

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