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Google offers a $99 rate at its campus hotel to promote hybrid work model.

Google is reportedly offering an enticing solution for hybrid workers who might dread the daily commute: an on-campus hotel stay for just $99 per night through September 30th. According to CNBC, this summer promotion at the Bay View campus’ hotel aims to smooth the transition to a hybrid work environment, allowing employees to reap the benefits of both home and office without the travel.

Although Google has yet to confirm the promotion, a company spokesperson mentioned to CNBC that the tech giant often provides special deals for its facilities.

However, there’s a catch. Employees have to foot the hotel bill, which, when calculated for a whole month, is roughly in line with apartment rental costs in the area and includes full-service amenities. This essentially means employees would be paying to live closer to their workplace without significant savings. Additionally, maintaining a home elsewhere would mean they’re essentially shouldering costs for two accommodations. Moreover, the promotion seems to be limited to the Bay View campus, which primarily houses advertising-related teams. Employees working at older campuses won’t benefit.

This hotel deal emerges amidst Google’s efforts to bring back remote workers to the office. In 2022, Google started reintroducing some employees to its office spaces, mandating a three-day-a-week presence. However, this decision was met with resistance by some employees who voiced concerns about increased living expenses and potential drops in productivity. Notably, in June, Google began factoring in office attendance during performance evaluations.

This evolving situation also has potential legal implications. YouTube contractors who recently chose to unionize allege that Google and Cognizant, its contracting firm, have been using return-to-office policies to suppress labor organization efforts. They have lodged a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board.

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